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V-TOL Conducts Multi-RPAS Multi-Task Multi-Sensor (MMM) Day/Night BVLOS Operations

Under its unique CASA & RAAF beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) permissions, and building on its remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) operational & manufacturing experience, V-TOL is now conducting day/night BVLOS multi-aircraft, multi-task, multi-sensor flight operations. The aim of this current RPAS flight program is to demonstrate the significant value RPAS can deliver into Australia’s ‘core’ industries 24/7 in a safe & compliant manner.



V-TOL GosHawks (FW) & Seekers (MR) conduct Multi-Aircraft, Multi-Task & Multi-Sensor (3Ms) Day/Night BVLOS operations over pasture, crops, herds, roads, fence lines, creek lines, dams, buildings and other man made assets, at Marburg Farm on 9 Mar 2017


“V-TOL needs to prove the significant value-proposition RPAS can deliver into Australia’s ‘core’ economic industries,” says Mark Xavier CEO and Chief Remote Pilot of V-TOL Aerospace.


He continues, “Only by conducting safe, cost-effective, real-world demonstrations can we win over the confidence of the public & the industries that will become the main beneficiaries of this technology. The 3Ms working 24/7 is what large organisations want and we intend to deliver them.”


 V-TOL Aerospace (, is a Queensland based Australian corporation that designs, manufactures enterprise level commercial RPAS. It is a CASA approved training organisation & focuses on advanced day & night RPAS flight operations using UTMs. V-TOL counts NGOs, Global corporations, ASX 200, Local, State & Federal Government agencies as customers.