V-TOL offers specialist and CASA approved Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) flight and Drone services support to corporate and government organisations, including:

A. Flight Operations for HD colour, NIR, IR and thermal real-time and near real-time monitoring, survey, mapping, surveillance, and R&D;
B. Geospatial services including Hi-Resolution (cm & mm) 2&3D data processing, analysis, reporting, online access & data storage;
C. Advisory on all aspects of UAS Capability Development & sustainment; and
D. UAS technical, maintenance and systems support.

Critical to corporate and government risk management, V-TOL holds the required CASA Certificates, Controller Licenses, Area Operating Permits and QBE Aviation Insurances to provide fully compliant professional level UAS flight and technical Drone support services for your organisation.

V-TOL personnel sit on the CASA UAS Subcommittee and contribute to the regulatory development of UAS airworthiness, flight operations, training and risk management.

Asset Inspection Drone Service Community Events Drone Service Conservation Drone Service

Construction Drone Service DisasterRelief Drone Service Emergency Management Drone Service

Livestock Drone Service Mining and stockpile Drone Service Pest Management Drone Service

Precision Agriculture Drone Service Research And Development Drone service Videography Drone Service

For further information on how V-TOL Drone services can assist your organisation please contact us