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The experienced choice for end-to-end solutions in aerospace, robotics, IoT, and artificial intelligence. V-TOL Aerospace specialises in system design, integrating compliant technologies and services.

Design & Manufacturing

Specialist services for unmanned systems, robotics, communications, and aerospace technologies.

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Pilot & Operator Training

RePL, ReOC, and tertiary-level certificate training provided by a Registered Training Organization.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Using robotics and AI to revolutionize the way large-scale energy infrastructure is managed and maintained.

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Enhanced Sensors & AI Data Processing

Providing aerospace-grade sensors and AI technologies to improve healthcare monitoring and reporting.

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Teaming People with Australian Engineering Expertise

V-TOL Aerospace is an Australian based Technology Company that specializes in delivering advanced solutions for critical global economic sectors. Our solutions utilize leading edge automation, robotics, real-time IoT, and Digital Twin technologies.

Two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing airborne and ground-based robotics allow V-TOL Aerospace to develop end-to-end, fit-for-purpose, and fully supported solutions. To enable its airborne robotics services, operations, and research and development, V-TOL Aerospace holds CASA ARN: 750 709; ReOC: 0074. The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) subsidiary delivers first-class training services through RTO: 45260.

Our mission is to design and apply technologies to support organizations and empower individual work processes. Teaming people with technology will ensure sustainability of human endeavor, innovation, productivity & safety. Our solutions positively benefit all stakeholders and the verticals of the organization.

Clients & Partners

V-TOL Aerospace has provided technology solutions to the World Bank, Foreign Governments, ASX 200 Companies, and all levels of the Australian Government.

Guaranteed to get your project off the ground


V-TOL Aerospace provides a range of in-house services that can be utilized to extend your existing solutions or to allow growth of new verticals within your specific market.

Research & Development

Long-term experience in product and solution development provides an excellent basis for providing research and development into new advanced technologies. Our in-house design and fabrication team allows for rapid prototyping and testing of new hardware and software solutions.

V-TOL Aerospace has a wide range of R&D capabilities, including aircraft design, communication system design, small-batch manufacturing, sensor integration, IoT development, embedded programming, and AI training and assessment.


V-TOL Aerospace offers a range of small-UAV and ReOC flight services. These drone services cover a range of airborne geospatial intelligence applications, including: airborne surveillance, 3D surveying and mapping, aerial monitoring, asset inspection and management, evidence collection and forensics.

Our RPAS flight operations are supported by our geospatial specialists who support mission planning, data processing, data analysis, mission reporting, online delivery, and data storage.


To ensure correct & compliant employment of our technology, V-TOL Aerospace established the Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) in 2009. In addition to training over 700 drone pilots, AUSA is an Australian Registered Training Organization that delivers tertiary-level Certificate Courses in schools.

AUSA aims to proliferate knowledge and understanding of advanced automation and robotics; developing career viable pathways for students in the rapidly emerging technology sector.


V-TOL Aerospace provides extensive technical and advisory support to industry, government, education sectors, and its commercial customers. V-TOL has built a respected reputation for applying and linking regulatory requirements to commercial applications.

With over 20 years operational experience in the Australian commercial airborne robotics and drone sector and providing on-going support to platform design, product manufacturing, flight operation, and drone systems maintenance and support.

Latest News

  • Pegasus Solar Drone Test Program Takes-Off

    Pegasus Solar Drone Test Program Takes-Off

    The Australian government has awarded $1.35m towards the Pegasus joint development project between V-TOL Aerospace, Li-S Energy, and Halocell. This marks the start of the fantastic journey towards the development of an all-day solar powered fixed-wing drone. The grand will enable the Australian partnership to develop a drone that integrates Li-S’ next generation batteries and…

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  • Halocell Arrives at V-TOL for Pegasus I Test Program

    Halocell Arrives at V-TOL for Pegasus I Test Program

    V-TOL is excited to announce that Halocell have delivered the first test sets of their advanced perovskite solar cells to our Rocklea facility. “Our initial perovskite cell testing findings indicated a significant advantage both in weight and power generation over current technologies”, says Mark Xavier, CEO at V-TOL Aerospace. The test program to address how…

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  • V-TOL Aerospace executes JD Agreement of Sovereign Significance

    V-TOL Aerospace executes JD Agreement of Sovereign Significance

    V-TOL Aerospace has executed a Joint Development Agreement with the ASX listed battery manufacturer Li-S Energy and the solar cell manufacturer Halocell Energy. The aim of this agreement is to design and manufacture two (2) cutting edge multi-purpose drones: “These aircraft types equipped with advanced Li-S Energy’s storage and Halocell’s next-gen solar panels will be…

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