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V-TOL Aerospace executes JD Agreement of Sovereign Significance

V-TOL Aerospace has executed a Joint Development Agreement with the ASX listed battery manufacturer Li-S Energy and the solar cell manufacturer Halocell Energy. The aim of this agreement is to design and manufacture two (2) cutting edge multi-purpose drones:

  • Pegasus I – a small drone designed for low-level infrastructure survey. It will enable:
    • Large-area surveying and real-time AI-driven infrastructure fault detection.
    • Long-duration “dawn til dusk” (12-14 hours) communication relay operations.
  • Pegasus II – a large drone designed for high altitude, long endurance flights (weeks to months at a time). It will enable:
    • A semi-permanent communications platform that can be positioned on-demand.
    • A wide range of large-area and on-going environment monitoring capabilities for multiple kinds of imaging sensors.

“These aircraft types equipped with advanced Li-S Energy’s storage and Halocell’s next-gen solar panels will be Australian Designed & Made by V-TOL Aerospace. The geospatial and communication capabilities of a highly redundant multi-purpose network of Pegasus I & II aircraft will offer Australian industries a capability only limited by our imaginations,” says Mark Xavier CEO of V-TOL Aerospace.

“We look forward to delivering these products with our Joint Development Partners & Industry Program Participants,” he continued.

A full ASX release is available from Li-S Energy for further reading, or refer to their ASX Announcements for the latest details.