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V-TOL Commences Routine Day/Night BVLOS Operations

V-TOL, under its unique CASA & RAAF permissions has commenced day & night beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) unmanned aircraft (UA) flight operations at its 30km² Marburg Farm flight Area of Operations (AO) 10km NNW of RAAF Amberley.


A testament to how routine these operations are viewed by RAAF operations, FA-18 Super Hornets & C-17 operations are not effected by V-TOL RPAS operations in this airspace. Vertical and horizontal separation is maintained by RAAF ATC & V-TOL operational procedures. Life goes on in a routine, but professional manner.

VTOL BVLOS Flight path

A V-TOL GosHawk II BVLOS Flight Path Trace Marburg Farm on 1 Mar 2017


“V-TOL has successfully commenced its BVLOS flight program designed to develop and test appropriate operational procedures, minimum technical platform requirements and pilot training competencies”, says Mark Xavier CEO and Chief Remote Pilot of V-TOL.


V-TOL, as RelmaTech’s A-PAC agent and distributor operates as standard equipment the 4G SIAM Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) units in its aircraft. We believe that our GosHawk II & Hornet RPAS platforms now set the benchmark in small-RAPS BVLOS day/night operational safety.


V-TOL Aerospace (, is a Queensland based Australian corporation that designs, manufactures enterprise level commercial RPAS and is CASA approved for remote crew training and advanced day & night RPAS flight operations using UTMs. V-TOL counts NGOs, Global corporations, ASX 300, Local, State & Federal Government agencies as customers.