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IP Australia Certifies V-TOL Rota-Fix™ Design

V-TOL Aerospace’s innovative approach to developing the Rota-Fix™ drone for attaching Balmoral Rotamarka™ safety devices to electrical infrastructure has now been certified as a new & distinctive design by IP Australia. This acknowledgement is great news and of significant value for V-TOL Aerospace as we take this technology global, says Mark Xavier, CEO & MD of V-TOL.

As V-TOL’s launch product in its strategy to deliver Robot AI Human Teaming solutions for the maintenance & management of critical energy infrastructure under, Rota-Fix™ will provide an appropriate example of how advanced robotics & AI can be safely & effectively utilized.  We look forward to additional announcements by IP Australia and with our growing group of collaborating Australian & NZ industry partners that will demonstrate that V-TOL Aerospace is a global leader in its chosen field.