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Eagle Hawk Flight Trials Begin

NearSat and V-TOL have commenced flight trials of the Eagle Hawk III, an above 25kg capable fixed wing remotely piloted aircraft.

NearSat, the developer of the High Altitude (HALE) RPAS platform technology, has been collaborating with V-TOL on this project.

the eagle hawk iii shows it's impressive flight capabilities

The Hawk III is the up-scaled successor to the Eagle Hawk II.

The Hawk II had conducted critical flight trials to 8000ft AMSL within CRT of Amberley.

We are preparing for new flight operations, so we expect to see the Hawk III operate well beyond it’s predecessor.Chief Remote Pilot Mark Xavier

The flight data collected from these trials will be used for high altitude research. NearSat continues to collaborate with us on this project. As a result we are expecting to see near space flights shortly!

Checkout what’s going on with the NearSat team by vising their website!