colV-TOL is a CASA approved and internationally recognised training organisation.

To deliver its approved courses and other specialist industry qualifications, V-TOL has established the 100% wholly owned subsidiary and brand, the Australian Unmanned Systems Academy Pty Ltd (AUSA). AUSA is the education & training organisation of V-TOL Aerospace (

AUSA is a global leader in qualifying individuals in the commercial operations of RPAS & UAS. With over 150+ successful graduates from four different nations, government agencies and ASX 200 companies, AUSA is a global leader in qualifying civilian UAS pilots.

AUSA also provides advisory services to Australian industry and government agencies in the acquisition, capability development, implementation & sustainment of this technology within their organisations.

V-TOL & AUSA personnel sit on the CASA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Standards UAS Subcommittee and its industry Working Groups. This participation provides ‘visibility’ and ‘input’ that assists V-TOL in being at the forefront of industry in the design and development of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) crew training.

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