V-TOL Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) fixed wing and multi-rotor/VTOL drone products have been designed and developed to be cost-effective, safe, reliable, rugged and CASA (ICAO) compliant.

Focusing on small RPAS geospatial & surveillance applications < 400ft AGL with the capability to operate day or night* to extended Line of Sight* (Ex-VLOS), our drone products capture 4K, HD & SD colour, NIR and thermal imaging video with live streaming and hi-resolution stills (mm) to generate cm accurate 2&3D terrain models to meet the geospatial needs of the professional organisation. Our family of RPAS platforms are classified by type and weight, as follows:

Goshawk Drone Product Hornet Drone Product Condor Drone Product Seeker Drone Product

Our remote pilot station (RPS) with V-TOL’s neuron commercial grade software (or optional MOTS Kestrel software) is capable of operating all V-TOL RPAS product types from a single RPS. This commonality enables significant operational scalability, mission flexibility and value from a small single footprint.

An RPAS pilot can deploy into the field and operate any V-TOL fixed wing & or VTOL RPA platform using a ‘select and fly’ approach from the V-TOL RPS.

Each V-TOL drone product is supplied and supported with the mission critical and commercial advantage of CASA approved:

A. Flight Operations manuals and Maintenance programs;
B. RPAS Pilot Certificate, advanced* and or approved ‘type’ training;
C. Australian based 24/7 customer technical and advisory support; and
D. Australian based (OEM) level maintenance/tech support.

V-TOL documentation has been specifically tailored to easily integrate into your CASA Unmanned Operator’s Certificate (UOC) application or variation. Through AUSA (our training & education organisation) V-TOL can assist you via our regular workshops to correctly and rapidly develop your UOC application and prepare your organisation for CASA reviews.

V-TOL can also support RPAS platform acquisitions by offering OPEX as well as CAPEX purchasing options for approved organisations.

If you have any questions about our standard product solutions, our customisation and or after sales support, please contact us.

*when permitted.