V-TOL GosHawk™ RPAS Surveyor and Mapping Platform


Small electric < 7kg MTOW Fixed Wing (FW) Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) for Broad-Area (600 – 1500 hectares a mission to cm resolution), short-range (1-10km) survey and mapping solution.

GosHawk III flyaway case 2016


The GosHawk™ platform has been developed by V-TOL Aerospace to provide a low-cost, easy to use and reliable extended line-of-sight (LOS) ready mini-RPAS capable of conducting surveying and mapping (color or multispectral) via a belly mounted hi-res camera. The images can be processed post-flight to produce cm accurate color/multispectral mosaics. When used in conjunction with other tiers of mini-RPAS, such as the Seeker or Hornet multi-rotor systems, the GosHawk™ can provide broad area coverage while the VTOL system can be deployed to identify a specific target of interest to mm resolution (see Hornet brochure for more information).




Developed using collision safe materials this hi-wing 3 axis aircraft provides a stable camera platform for airborne imaging operations < 400ft AGL. Thrust is provided by a rear mounted electric power plant. Cameras are located in the nose and belly. Airframe is a mix of impact optimized energy-absorbing EPP and EPO.

Mission payloads

The GosHawk™ in the survey configuration carries hi-res 24 (optional 36) megapixel color camera with on-board storage for post flight processing. A multi-spectral payload can also be fitted for environmental survey or agricultural applications.

The GosHawk™ platform comes with an optional fixed pilot view optical sensor for day operations to assist with general situational awareness.

Guidance and Control

NeuronGosHawk™ utilizes V-TOL proprietary auto-pilot software known as “V-TOL Neuron™”. This program enables manual, stabilized and semi-autonomous ‘point and click’ computer operations. Options are included to enable easy to configure linear and area survey missions.

To achieve CASA compliance as a training system, GosHawk™ Neuron™ has demonstrated and is capable of executing multiple fail safe responses. Such fail safes are designed to protect the RPAS and third parties from any system failures. GosHawk is controlled by a frequency hopping spread spectrum 1W diversity switched digital link, with upgrades to AES Encryption available.

Also Included is the Ground Control Station (GCS) box containing Toughbook Laptop, Transmitter, Video Receiver and 2 batteries. Further GCS/Aircraft inclusions can be discussed during the purchasing phase.

Launch and Recovery

Hand or catapult launched. Traditional belly landing (where space permits), net recovery or deep stall landing (if fitted for urban or close country operations).


GosHawk™ for Survey and Mapping

Camera Systems – The Basic Surveyor and Mapping aircraft can be fitted with either the Sony Alpha A6000 24MP still imaging camera, or the Micasense Rededge Multispectral Camera. Support for additional optical and multi-spectral camera packages may be accommodated depending on size and weight.

3d model  combine 4

Video Downlink – Options for the surveyor and mapping aircraft include the ability for either a standard definition analogue video transmission (5.8GHz @ 25mW to meet ACMA restrictions) coupled with a diversity ground receiver fitted with high gain antennas for up to 3km video range.

Further options include a HD capable digital AES encrypted video link (2.4 GHz @ 100mW) coupled with a diversity ground receiver fitted with high gain antennas for ranges exceeding 10km.



Dimensions & Weights

Wingspan               1.9m
Length Overall        1.3m
Weight Empty         2.8kg
MTOW                    5kg


Max Level Speed    45Kts
Cruising Speed       36Kts
Operational Height  <5000ft AMSL
Mission Radius        <10km
Endurance               120 – 150 minutes (Subject to weather)

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