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The Power of V-TOL Airborne Robotics & Advanced Automation in National Disaster Recovery


Working for the World Bank on Project UAV4Resilience and with the assistance of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), V-TOL Aerospace was placed in a unique position to conduct advanced hi-resolution survey operations using V-TOL designed & manufactured GosHawk II drone technology over the Kingdom of Tonga before (2017) and after the category 4 cyclone Gita event (Feb 18).  The Gita survey was safely completed in 5 days resulting in 300km² of hi-resolution survey data while operating in integrated/shared airspace. The World Bank has reported that this type of drone operation has never been conducted to this extent under these conditions before.


The following provides a sample and insight into what can now be provided as a disaster management & recovery “tool” for first responders in the field, NGOs, Government Agencies, the public, Insurance &  Banking organisations, etc, in a matter of days:



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V-TOL VEURON™, a technology developed with the support of the QLD Government’s Advance QLD initiative, is V-TOL’s onboard robot machine vision & learning Aa (Advanced Automation) & Ai (Artificial Intelligence) capability.  An example of how the VEURON™ technology will automate damage assessment reporting will be made available shortly.


V-TOL’s air deployable survey teams have demonstrated how an effective Disaster Management & Recovery capability can now be delivered in a matter of days in most locations globally. In collaboration with technology partner NearSat, V-TOL believes this capability can potentially be delivered anywhere within hours.


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