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V-TOL Conducts GosHawk II Endurance Flight

Working with Hitachi on an MLA beef project, V-TOL Aerospace conducted an endurance flight in central QLD of a standard V-TOL GosHawk II Fixed Wing RPAS. The aim was to establish how far a V-TOL manufactured small RPA could fly. Operating at the edge of Day VLOS in light conditions at 400ft AGL, the GosHawk covered 151km in 2.35 hours.  It is estimated that if the GosHawk had been permitted to operate beyond its reserve, it could have achieved a distance of up to 170km.  “The V-TOL GosHawk II is a small (< 4kg) RPA, but has demonstrated it can fly a significant distance. Capable of being fitted with ADS-B and other UTM sense & avoid devices, it is capable of over the horizon BVLOS day & night operations. The GosHawk is the type of small hi-tech technology package that can deliver the commercial productivity gains required across Australia’s core industries,” said Mark Xavier CEO & Chief Pilot of V-TOL.