Mining and Stockpile


Mining company with mine sites and stockpiles through east coast of Australia.


To enhance the weekly, quarterly, and yearly reporting details, a rapid, accurate, scale-able, safe and reliable drone survey solution was required.



How we did it:

V-TOL Hornet

V-TOL Aerospace used our Hornet multirotor along with Optical, multi spectral and LiDAR payloads to safely, effectively and efficiently capture stockpile data, cliff faces and validate vegetation regrowth. This airframe enables V-TOL to operate over and around complex structures whilst still attaining high quality and high resolution data. The 30 minute endurance, and 50Ha coverage per flight provides a cost effective and efficient mapping solution.


V-TOL Goshawk

Using high resolution optical cameras, along with thermal and multi spectral payloads, detailed topographic and orthomosaic maps can be generated, as well as accurate volume estimation data. With a flight time over 2 hours, and the ability to map 6 – 15km2 per flight, the Goshawk fixed wing platform, combined with PPK positioning, saves time and money whilst reducing risks and increasing productivity.

Other applications/uses

This cutting edge technology has other uses for mining and stockpile surveys such as:

  • Environmental and Rejuvenation Surveys
  • Stockpile Validation
  • Cliff Face modelling
  • Volume Estimation
  • Compliance Tool
  • Change over time analysis