Various major construction companies in SE QLD


The construction companies required regular accurate surveys of their building sites to be conducted on a monthly basis for auditing and compliance purposes

How we did it:

V-TOL Hornet

V-TOL Aerospace used our Hornet multirotor along with Optical,  and LiDAR payloads to safely, effectively and efficiently capture both snap shot data and progressive works information without requiring physical access to the sites or interrupting the construction activities. This airframe enabled V-TOL to launch from outside the construction site, and inspect the worksite and track progress, at a regularity and level of detail previously not attainable.


Using high resolution optical cameras, detailed inspections of to sub centimeter detail can be conducted. This allowed the detailed soil management procedures, safety equipment and marker verification, access planning, and validation of works completed using the 3D models.


Using the Hovermap¬© payload in partnership with CSIRO and Data61, V-TOL Aerospace was able to demonstrate the ability to rapidly capture a rapid 3D model of the construction site and the surrounding area. This Data provides an interactive 3D reconstruction enabling the construction site manager to validate clearances and provide building walk-through’s. The LiDAR payload carries the advantage of capturing a 3D snapshot quicker than high resolution optical methods, and also allows for indoor captures without suffering distortion.