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V-TOL is excited to announce that Halocell have delivered the first test sets of their advanced perovskite solar cells to our Rocklea facility.

“Our initial perovskite cell testing findings indicated a significant advantage both in weight and power generation over current technologies”, says Mark Xavier, CEO at V-TOL Aerospace.

The test program to address how these cells will be integrated has commenced. This integration will allow the direct placement of the cells into the wings and fuselage assemblies of the Pegasus I* RPAS.

“Due to the nature of the cells, the entire aircraft can be skinned with the perovskite solar solution, effectively doubling the surface area that can generate energy for the Li-S batteries”, says Dr Kye Morton, CTO at V-TOL Aerospace.

V-TOL Aeronautical Engineers, Joe McGee & Rhys Mapson are seen here displaying a gift from Halocell, an operating example presentation arrangement. Tom Fontaine at Halocell has kindly provided further information about the new cells in: Revolutionizing Drone Technology with Perovskite Solar Cells

“This LED will shine brightly for years to come without being exposed to direct outdoor sunlight. Another advantage of the Halocell chemistry which will also see it used in our healthcare products at Ariel.Care,” says Mark.

*Pegasus I is the test bed for developing a family of long range long endurance solar aircraft utilising the advances in Australian Halocell Perovskite Solar & (ASX: LIS) Sulphur Metal Battery technology.