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After three years of close collaborative development, testing and deployment, and despite the challenges of COVID, Balmoral Engineering working closely with V-TOL Aerospace and Energy Queensland (EQL), has certified V-TOL’s Rota-Fix™ Drone installation solution for the placement of Rotamarka™ on electrical infrastructure.

Balmoral’s Rotamarka is designed to deflect birds, low level aircraft, and potential ground based contact from electrical infrastructure. The Rotamarka™ is a world leader in infrastructure safety, as noted by Glen Cook, and is internationally recognised for EQL’s safety strategy “Look Up & Live”.

“Key to our installations is the knowledge that V-TOL Rota-Fix™ has demonstrated the ability to safely install Rotamarka™ to the manufacture’s specifications without disruptions to live networks”

Gordon Hedges from Balmoral Engineering

This marks a key next step in the enabling capabilities that V-TOL Aerospace is now able to provide. Attaching the Rotamarka™ correctly, safely, and with minimal interruptions to the on-going operations of energy providers allows for on-going improvements to network safety standards without any of the typical downsides associated with this kind of work.

We look forward to rolling out V-TOL’s Rota-Fix™ and Balmoral’s Rotamarka™ using a “supply & apply” strategy wherever energy infrastructure is located. This outcome demonstrates how Australian companies and industry, working closely together, can deliver an innovative global solution.

Mark Xavier, CEO of V-TOL Aerospace