V-TOL offers specialist and CASA approved Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) flight and support services to corporate and government organisations, including:

A. Flight Operations for HD colour, NIR, IR and thermal real-time and near real-time monitoring, survey, mapping, surveillance, and R&D;
B. Geospatial services including Hi-Resolution (cm & mm) 2&3D data processing, analysis, reporting, online access & data storage;
C. Advisory on all aspects of UAS Capability Development & sustainment; and
D. UAS technical, maintenance and systems support.

Critical to corporate and government risk management, V-TOL holds the required CASA Certificates, Controller Licenses, Area Operating Permits and QBE Aviation Insurances to provide fully compliant professional level UAS flight and technical support services for your organisation.

V-TOL personnel sit on the CASA UAS Subcommittee and contribute to the regulatory development of UAS airworthiness, flight operations, training and risk management.

For further information on how V-TOL services can assist your organisation please contact us

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